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Junk Bus New Orleans was formed as an alternative to the traditional roll-off dumpster rental containers.  Traditional dumpsters have the potential to crack or damage your driveway and cause ruts in your lawn.  Therefore, we found that there was a need for a much better option.  The solution is Junk Bus New Orleans  dumpster rental on wheels!  Our dumpsters have rubber tires and will not damage your lawn, crack or scratch your concrete   They are delivered to your location clean and free of debris and rust.   We take pride in delivering a quality junk bus dumpster which will leave no evidence that it was ever on your property.  

Junk Bus New Orleans  IS the solution for dumpster rentals. We ar ethe only company to offer driveway Safe rubber tire dumpsters in new orleans and surrounding areas at an affordable price.

 Do you have questions? Just call us at 504-322-4959 

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